The First 100 Days

What will the Trump administration's legacy be?


January 2017

What’s in a number?

Inauguration Day. It should be one of the happiest and easiest days of a Presidency. After all, it’s really just about swearing an oath, parading through downtown Washington and figuring out how to get to 14 balls in one night.... Continue Reading →


The First 100 Days

The first 100 days is a term that refers to the accomplishments and successes of a first-term United States President. The time frame is considered to be when the President has the greatest influence and power, and thus can “get things... Continue Reading →


Executive Orders

Once a new President is sworn in, he can sign what are called Executive Orders,  legally binding documents that dictate government policy or are used to delegate and direct government agencies and departments. What were Trump’s first Executive Orders? First,... Continue Reading →

How to Make Friends with the Media

U.S. Press Secretary Sean Spicer holds his first media availability on January 21, 2017, following the inauguration of Donald Trump. Instead of using the opportunity to talk strategy, share policy plans or build a relationship with reporters, he takes the... Continue Reading →

How do you like me so far?

10 days after their new President is sworn in, Americans are asked by Gallup for their views on Donald Trump's Executive Orders. A majority of respondents oppose every one.

The Ban

Even given everything we know about Donald Trump, that he is reactionary, boastful, short-sighted and prone to acting before fully thinking out the implications of his actions, the announcement he made on January 27 stunned the world. The new President... Continue Reading →

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